HRHN 26: Women

HRHN 26, July 2011: “Women’s Rights Here & Now?”. Guests: Sheila De Lany (independent businesswoman & Co-Chair, Santa Cruz County Women’s Commission); Marie Kagaju Laugharn (International Health & Development Professional) & Kaki Rusmore (Director of Leadership Development, Community Foundation of Monterey County). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand. Program focused on the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (or CEDAW), & he recently issued, fact-filled Status of Women & Girls (or SOWAG) Report for Santa Cruz County. SOWAG is the product of exhaustive research carried out over several years by the Women’s Commission, which seeks to persuade our County Supervisors to adopt CEDAW as the standard for evaluating public policies that impact the lives of the county’s women & girls, as was done in San Francisco County in 1998. CEDAW, in force since 1981, & has been ratified by all U.N. member countries except Iran, Somalia, Sudan, three small Pacific island countries & the U.S.

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