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List of Human Rights Here Now episodes available for streaming:

HRHN 27: Methodists and Human Rights

HRHN 27, September 2011: “Methodists & Human Rights”. Guests: Rev. Darrell Darling (retired Methodist minister, semi-retired local inn-keeper & long-time Democratic Party activist); Rev. Pharis Harvey (veteran organizer of services to urban poor in Asia, & of Ecumenical Coalition for … Continue reading

HRHN 26: Women

HRHN 26, July 2011: “Women’s Rights Here & Now?”. Guests: Sheila De Lany (independent businesswoman & Co-Chair, Santa Cruz County Women’s Commission); Marie Kagaju Laugharn (International Health & Development Professional) & Kaki Rusmore (Director of Leadership Development, Community Foundation of … Continue reading

HRHN 25: Episcopalians and Human Rights

HRHN 25, June 2011: “Episcopalians & Human Rights”. Guests: Pastor Mary Blessing (St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Scotts Valley) & Father Joel Miller (Calvary Episcopal Church, Santa Cruz). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 24: Nonviolent Resistance to Mexico

HRHN 24, May 2011: “Nonviolent Resistance to Mexico’s ‘Drug War’”. Guest: Pietro Ameglio (Veteran Mexican peace activist, spokesperson for recently founded Movement for Peace with Justice & Dignity). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 23: Lessons from East Timor

HRHN 23, April 2011: “Lessons from East Timor”. Guests: Pam Sexton (teacher, Watsonville/Aptos Adult School, & Positive Discipline Parent & Early Child Educator in the Watsonville “Together in the Park” Program) & Curt Gabrielson (founder & director of Watsonville Environmental … Continue reading

HRHN 22: Evangelical Lutherans and Human Rights

HRHN 22, February 2011: “Evangelical Lutherans & Human Rights”. Guests: Rev. Susan Birkelo (Pastor, Lutheran Community Church/Iglesia Luterana de la Comunidad, Watsonville) & Rev. Herb Schmidt (former campus pastor at UCSC, U. of Arizona & Stanford, Dean of Monterey Bay … Continue reading

HRHN 21: Rasta and Human Rights

HRHN 21, January 2011: “Rasta & Human Rights”. Guests: Mark Halfmoon (veteran Santa Cruz Community Television producer, & reggae DJ on KZSC radio), & Simba Kenuyatta (former youth worker, community activist, ACLU board chair, Santa Cruz City Council candidate, & … Continue reading

HRHN 20: Experiencias Personales con la Teolog

HRHN 20, July 2010 [in Spanish]: “Experiencias Personales con la Teología de la Liberación”. Participantes: Olga Díaz (Asistente Administrativa en el Centro Cabrillo de Watsonville), Marcia Minchala (funcionaria pública de la ciudad de Cuenca, en el Ecuador, activista comunitaria, y … Continue reading

HRHN 19: Unitarian Universalism and Human Rights

HRHN 19, December 2010: “Unitarian Universalists & Human Rights”. Guests: Rev. Pallas Stanford (Minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County) & Deborah Pembrook (Co-Chair. Socil Action Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 18: Presbyterianism and Human Rights

HRHN 18, November, 2010: “Presbyterians & Human Rights”. Guests: Rev. Kathleen Eschen-Pipes (Parish Associate, Trinity Presbyterian Church & former Campus Minister, UCSC); Rev. Karla Norton (former Pastor of Trinity Church, now Chaplain at the Santa Cruz County Jail). Host: David … Continue reading

HRHN 17: Catholicism and Human Rights

HRHN 17, October 2010: “Catholics & Human Rights”. Guests: David DeCosse (Professor of Moral Theology, Santa Clara University) & Aine Sweeney (former campus & youth minister in Dioceses of Seattle & Sacramento). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 16: The United Church of Christ and Human Rights HRHN 16, September, 2010: “The United Church of Christ & Human Rights”. Guests: Rev, Dave Grishaw-Jones (Senior Pastor, First Congregational Church of Santa Cruz) & Rev. Cordelia Strandskov (Associate Pastor, First Congregational Church). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 15: Quakers and Human Rights

HRHN 15, August 2010: “Quakers & Human Rights”. Guests: Nancy Andreasen (retired Cabrillo faculty member, founder of the Early Childhood Education Program there, & co-founder, Cabrillo Federation of Teachers) & Ray Glock-Grueneich (Paralegal Researcher, twice candidate for Congress on Green … Continue reading

HRHN 14: Honduras Hoy: Crisis Pol

HRHN 14, July 2010 [in Spanish]: “Honduras Hoy: Crisis Política y Defensa del Medio Ambiental. Entrevistas con el Padre Andrés Tamayo”. Anfitriones: Profs. David Sweet (Historia, UCSC, jubilado) y Hector Perla (Ciencias Políticas y Estudios Latinamericanos, UCSC).

HRHN 13: Reform Jews and Human Rights

HRHN 13, June 2010: “Reform Jews & Human Rights”. Guests: Kathy Goldenkranz (Immediate Past President, Temple Beth El) & Rick Zinman (Social Action Committee Chair, Temple Beth El). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 12: Secular Humanists and Human Rights

HRHN 12, April 2010: “Secular Humanists & Human Rights”. Guests: Dennis Etler (Cabrillo College Instructor in Anthropology & President, Secular Humanists of Santa Cruz County) & Erin Yazdan (Graduate Student in Comparative Literature & Past President, UCSC Student Humanists). Host: … Continue reading

HRHN 11: Money, Local Politics, and Human Rights

HRHN 11, March 2010: “Money, Local Politics, & Human Rights”. Guests: Simba Kenyatta (Community Activist, two-time Candidate for City Council) & Rick Longinotti (Trainer in Nonviolent Communications). Host: John Malkin; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 10: Corporate Financing of Elections and Human Rights

HRHN 10, Febnruary 2010: “Corporate Financing of Elections & Human Rights”. Guests: Ray Glock-Grueneich (Paralegal Researcher & former Green Party candidate for Congress) & Bruce Van Allen (former Mayor of Santa Cruz & veteran manager of progressive political campaigns). Host: … Continue reading

HRHR 9: Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes

HRHN 9, December 2009 [In Spanish] : “Derechos Humanos de los Inmigrantes”. Invitados: Karen Covarrubias (estudiante de Cabrillo College) y Edgar de la Cruz (estudiante de Cabrillo College). Anfitrión: David Sweet; Directora: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 8: The Human Rights of Children in Families

HRHN 8, November 2009: “The Human Rights of Children in Families”. Guests: Wendy Bailey (Santa Cruz County Foster Parent, & Mentor of Foster Parents), Eryn Rodger (Certified Positive Discipline Associate, & Administrator of County’s Positive Discipline Program for Parents in … Continue reading

HRHN 7: College Students and Human Rights

HRHN 7, October 2009: “College Students & Human Rights”. Guests: Marjani Muhammad (UCSC student of literature, from Union City); Edgar de la Cruz (Cabrillo College student, from Santa Cruz); & Sam Hilkey (UCSCstudent of economics, math & philosophy, from Nevada … Continue reading

HRHN 6: Human Rights, Citizens

HRHN 6, September 2009: “Human Rights, Citizens’ Rights & Corporate Power”. Guests: Nancy Abbey (Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, Trinity Presbyterian Church) & Ray Glock-Grueneich (Paralegal Researcher, former Green Party candidate for Congress). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde … Continue reading

HRHN 5: High School Students and Human Rights

HRHN 5, August 2009: “High School Students & Human Rights”. Guests: Teresa Gaims (Social Studies Teacher, Harbor High School), & Sara Roe (Social Studies Teacher, Aptos High School). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand.

HRHN 4: Pre-Schoolers and Their Human Rights

HRHN 4, July 2009: ‘Pre-Schoolers & Their Human Rights”. Guests: Julie Olsen Edwards (former Chair, Early Childhood Education Program at Cabrillo College & founder, Cabrillo Children’s Center), Jim Marshall (Director, Cabrillo Children’s Center & former Director, Santa Cruz County Children’s … Continue reading

HRHN 3: Local Government and Human Rights

HRHN 3, June 2009: “Local Government & Human Rights”. Guests: Kimberly Petersen (Watsonville City Councilmember) & Mardi Wormhoudt (former Santa Cruz County Supervisor). Host: David Sweet; Director: Mathilde Rand. What can city & county elected officials contribute to broadening the … Continue reading

HRHN 2: Human Rights History

HRHN 2, May 2009: “Human Rights History”. Guest: David Winters (Musician & Trade Unionist). A history of the struggle for human rights in the U.S., in story & song.

HRHN 2B: Americans and Human Rights: An Introduction

HRHN 2B [Re-working of HRHN 2 for use in high school classrooms] “Americans & Human Rights: An Introduction”, Presenters: David Winters (Musician & Trade Unionist); David Sweet (Retired History Professor & Human Rights Activist). A history of the struggle for … Continue reading

HRHN 1: Dignity, Worth and Equality

HRHN 1, April 2009: “Dignity, Worth & Equality”. Guests: John Brown Childs (Professor of Sociology, UCSC), Guillermo Delgado (Lecturer in Latin American Studies, UCSC), Rev. Deborah Johnson (Inner Light Ministries, Soquel), Rev. Pallas Stanford (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz … Continue reading

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